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Book reviews - 2019

I had a GoodReads challenge to read 24 books this year, I didn’t quite make it but I did read very big books. I will try to read smaller books in 2020 :) My top fiction books of 2019 Exhalation by Ted Chiang Sanne first introduced Ted Chiang’s first book of sci-fi short stories, Stories of Your Life and Others as it was the source of one of our favourite films, Arrival.

The Truth According to Me

I feel a need for a line in the sand on what I think is true. 1. The scientific method is the best way to obtain objective reality As defined by Popper, to differentiate between subjective and objective truths, a theory needs to make predictions that are verified by repeatable experiments. This method of enquiry is what science is founded upon, and lets us enjoy aeroplanes, TVs and computer chips.