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Quanta Mythopoeia - a Myth for 12021

Image is Earth from 1.44 billion kilometres - taken by Cassini Probe on July 19, 2013 - NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute This is a myth for 10,000 years in the future based on our current understanding of the Universe. I To create a Beginning, there is Everytime. It is silent and still. Within Everytime, a continuum of all that can be, a non-infinite but immensely large number of Iota.

A Survey of Culture War Weapons: How Social Media Harms Consensus Politics

Image owned by Luc Viatour Culture wars have always been around, but nowadays social media has enabled the ability to scale them out to an unprecedented degree. The structure of how content is shared means exposure is possible on a global scale, as well as there being more data available on how consumers can be influenced. The values of the (American) social media platforms also feature, influenced by their own economics, philosophies and governments.

American cultural imperialism via American social media platforms

Image based on Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima By Joe Rosenthal Emigrating from the UK to Denmark has given me a lot, but one unexpected insight is how the structural setup of a country affects the values that filter down to its citizens. On the surface Denmark and the UK are similar countries but after 10 years living in another’s framework I have come to appreciate the subtle differences. When I’m asked about the prime difference now I sum it up in “Trust”, from which flows Danish contentment and enfranchisement of its citizens.

Book reviews - 2019

I had a GoodReads challenge to read 24 books this year, I didn’t quite make it but I did read very big books. I will try to read smaller books in 2020 :) My top fiction books of 2019 Exhalation by Ted Chiang Sanne first introduced Ted Chiang’s first book of sci-fi short stories, Stories of Your Life and Others as it was the source of one of our favourite films, Arrival.

The Truth According to Me

I feel a need for a line in the sand on what I think is true. 1. The scientific method is the best way to obtain objective reality As defined by Popper, to differentiate between subjective and objective truths, a theory needs to make predictions that are verified by repeatable experiments. This method of enquiry is what science is founded upon, and lets us enjoy aeroplanes, TVs and computer chips.