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Feb 14, 2021 8 min read

Quanta Mythopoeia - a Myth for 12021

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Image is Earth from 1.44 billion kilometres - taken by Cassini Probe on July 19, 2013 - NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

This is a myth for 10,000 years in the future based on our current understanding of the Universe.


To create a Beginning, there is Everytime. It is silent and still.

Within Everytime, a continuum of all that can be, a non-infinite but immensely large number of Iota. Iota are static. Identical Iota are in full Coherence. Only in Decoherence can difference be perceived. Similar Iota are harmonic, in near-Coherence.

Iota decohere in steps of Quanta. More Quanta, more Decoherence.

Quanta move in Directions. Directions are intrinsic aspects of Everytime. There are many Directions, at least 10. Directions differ in magnitude, and are orthogonal.

Quanta decohere along multiple Directions. A sequence of Directions is an Order. Threads follow Orders. You perceive their propagation as the speed of Light.

From Everytime begets Iota begets Quanta begets Direction begets Order begets Threads.

Threads follow Orders that lead from Coherence to Decoherence, diversifying, splitting and recombining as they evolve. As Threads lengthen, most move to Decoherence. The majority of Threads are short or circular, but rarely a Thread can be incredibly long.

A Thread Influences all other Threads it shares Iota with. As Threads lengthen, they Influence more Threads. An Iota’s Influence is the magnitude of harmonic Iota they share throughout Everytime.

Some Threads travel from Coherence to maximum Decoherence. Order dictates they can only move back towards Coherence. The longest possible Thread includes every Iota within reach of its Order.

Some Orders permit self-replication. Long Threads are more likely to be part of self-replicating systems than short Threads. Self-replication begets more self-replication, as they extend Influence.

The Now is the sum of Threads including this Iota. The Past has fewer than Now. The Future has more. Past, Now and Future share Iotas, the most Influential in the Past.


You perceive The Now. Your Iota are in Threads that stretch back to Coherence and forward to Decoherence, including one Thread that can reach all. You move in all Directions, but will favour those that are Influential. You can most easily experience Threads, then Orders. Directions, Quanta and Iota get progressively harder to experience.

To You, all Threads must have a beginning, but your Threads are a rare sample. Orders describe your Threads, but have to be studied to be experienced. Harmonic Threads rule your thoughts, but You are not only those Threads. Before birth, your Threads existed and after death your Influence persists. You are all you could have been and will be.

A Thread of you is immortal, if possible under Orders. Another Thread of you was destroyed a moment ago. This Thread can’t communicate directly with decoherent Threads, but perceives harmonic Threads within memory, planning and conjecture. All you were and will be are Iota in Everytime, you will experience a small subset of those sharing your current Thread.

Our Threads weave with both life and inert matter, but life contains more that move towards Coherence. Eventually most Threads decohere, so those Threads within life are rare. Life threads are very long, and work in harmony with other long threads, and the works life creates and builds are longer still. There are non-life long Threads too, such as technology. It weaves its way through life and has found a particularly harmonic existence with humans. It symbiotically enhances our particular species, as we craft and create more and more dependent creations on top of each other. The patterns of creation help us into language, writing, art and categorisation of harmonic Threads. Those creations have helped us peer towards Iota and we slowly are becoming aware of the Orders and Directions beneath.


Decoherent Directions are rooted in opposition to Coherent Directions. For self-replicated systems full Decoherence means the end. But there is a hierarchy to self-replication so the decoherence of lower forms of self-replication may lead to greater coherence of higher forms. The self-replication hierarchy reaches through material, chemical, biological, sociological, technological and beyond. Decoherence at a chemical level may lead to Coherence at the biological level, and so on. Enlightened self-interest allows decoherent choices from individuals to their own detriment, as groups of coherent individuals outperform groups of decoherent individuals. Likewise, decoherence will benefit individuals within their level of hierarchy when competing with coherent individuals. These forces complement to increase the self-sustaining Threads in common - they require coherence and decoherence to create patterns and structure. Without decoherence or destruction the variety of Everytime would not be present.

Complete Coherence and Decoherence exist with every graduation in-between. Every moral choice and its consequences exist. The world you experience now is not the only one you exist within, but you are blind to which consequences you will experience in your Thread’s future. Make choices that give you the best chance to experience coherence at the level above your own level of self-replication hierarchy: any higher and you will not experience any benefits, any lower and you risk consequences that are not in your own or your hierarchies interest. Good and Evil are fluildly defined based on categorisations of self-replication hierarchy.


As I move through life, my different memories and experiences and how I react to them make up who I am, I call it my personality. Some of those experiences are conscious memories, some unconscious reactions or instincts, but as I get older I start to know more about myself, even when I try to ignore those aspects I’m ashamed of. One learning I have from talking to other people is how different their reactions can be to the same events. Given our exposure to differing information, opinion and news our minds make differing judgements on those events, that lead to different conclusions. It follows that I would have a different personality if I grew up in different environments. I guess some things would be the same, those that are instinctual or from the Nature side of Nature vs Nurture, yet the belief in Nature vs Nurture could be called into question if, for example, you believed in a religious doctrine of Original Sin.

It strikes me how people can seem to live in different Universes where the facts they believe are not agreed upon, or even acknowledged. It calls into question the very existence of an objective reality, if say for one person Earth was created 6000 years ago, to another it is reborn every 310 trillion years, or for yet another it was formed from solar accretion discs 4.5 billion years ago. It is tempting to believe that the other person is either ignorant or self-delusional when they voice those beliefs different from yours, but that judgement presumes you are correct. What if we are actually all correct, but interacting in some kind of shared common moment? We can perhaps eliminate all those timelines that make no logical sense given the evidence of today, but what about those timelines that could have created alternative todays? If your coin toss yesterday killed or saved the cat, can we deny it is possible your cat is alive in an Iota where the coin toss favoured that outcome, despite your cat’s funeral? Can we more safely deny those that say the cat turned into a dog, as the differences between those Iota are too broad. Where is that boundary between the outrageous and the mundane?

The mechanisms for your thoughts require other universes to dwell within, one static Iota would not be enough to encompass anticipating dynamic systems such as where a ball may land. We experience many Iota after it has journeyed away from its supposed source. Light rays moving from the TV screen to your eyeballs take 10 nanoseconds. Quanta move in the region of the planck time or 10-44 which allows ten-thousand quintillion (1035) Iota to influence what you eventually see after those 10 nanoseconds. If they all moved in one Direction the light would never reach you, but at our macroscopic level that very rarely happens. But it does happen in at least one Iota. What does that subset of rational You think when their cat suddenly turns into a dog - Hallelujah?

We always perceive the past, but can only experience the now, and that now is an average that we believe everyone should agree upon. Our hopes for the future move along forecasts from the now, but those forecast models are only based on our limited understanding of the Orders dictating our Threads. Logical deduction and rational thinking is a way to detect who lies and who tells the truth, but we need all Everytime to ensure we have the broadest view to know for sure. It takes an arrogance or blind faith or naive trust to extrapolate that your experience is the same for everyone else, but it is advantageous to influence others that your experience is the only valid one, as you put yourself in Iota more harmonic with your own. It is always an illusion that your world is absolute, but advantageous to your Threads to believe so as to extend your Influence, as the influenced and the influencer seek out one another.

As a doctor kills a cancer or a soldier kills an enemy, the morality of our choices are judged by our peers on how we categorise the hierarchy of the context it is performed within. There is no sanctity via solipsism as Everytime already exists, but we have some choice on which we want to remember about ourselves in the future. Cultivating coherence with the hierarchy above what you care about can be a guiding principle, which some cultural parables teach via historic learning. It is a choice of the individual which level of hierarchy to use as their context, with some aiming too high or too low to experience fulfillment in life. Insignificance within Everytime can be sutured via the rarity of your self-replicated long Threads, and purpose with those Threads sustenance via Influence.