Mark Edmondson
Mark Edmondson
An Englishman in Denmark
May 5, 2019 2 min read

The Truth According to Me

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I feel a need for a line in the sand on what I think is true.

1. The scientific method is the best way to obtain objective reality

As defined by Popper, to differentiate between subjective and objective truths, a theory needs to make predictions that are verified by repeatable experiments. This method of enquiry is what science is founded upon, and lets us enjoy aeroplanes, TVs and computer chips. If you believe in a reality that can not be proven in such a manner, then it is subjective. I believe in some of these as does everyone else.

2. The many-worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

This is not proven, but I believe it to be true through arguments by Deutsch, Everett, and Green. Stationary solutions of quantum mechanics give the result that each moment we experience is one of a multitude of universes, and the next moment in time is another universe that is very similar but with slightly more entropy.

3. There is no such thing as Mind-Body Dualism

All features of a universe are created by the properties of matter and energy within that universe e.g. materialism. There is not a second type of matter that is used to quantify the “soul” or “divine will”. We have never found any mechanism that would enable such.

4. Humans are all very similar

My experience of the world is largely the same as another human being, even if they do not look or sound like me. We are all scared, joyful, innocent and guilty of triumphs and disasters.

5. Life is about resisting entropy

Without life, entropy would increase more quickly. The fact that it doesn’t in our local environment is due to life channeling the energy of our Sun into more organised forms of matter, replicating and creating as we go. If we wish for meaning, the act of creativity be it art, science, babies or a tidy room is our best contribution.