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Quanta Mythopoeia - a Myth for 12021

Image is Earth from 1.44 billion kilometres - taken by Cassini Probe on July 19, 2013 - NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute This is a myth for 10,000 years in the future based on our current understanding of the Universe. I To create a Beginning, there is Everytime. It is silent and still. Within Everytime, a continuum of all that can be, a non-infinite but immensely large number of Iota.

The Truth According to Me

I feel a need for a line in the sand on what I think is true. 1. The scientific method is the best way to obtain objective reality As defined by Popper, to differentiate between subjective and objective truths, a theory needs to make predictions that are verified by repeatable experiments. This method of enquiry is what science is founded upon, and lets us enjoy aeroplanes, TVs and computer chips.